Indiana Tenant Screening Services for Landlords


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Indiana Tenant Screening Services for Landlords

Get Indiana tenant screening reports and jurisdictions covered by for landlords, real estate agents and property management companies.

Free Legal Aid provides useful information about eviction. In addition to the video here, be sure you check out other resources.

What Is the Eviction Process in Indiana

The first step of the eviction process in Indiana is to give a tenant a written notice that they are no longer in compliance with their rental agreement. In Indiana, Landlords Must Wait For 10 Days After The Rent Is Due Before Serving An Eviction Notice If The Eviction Is Only For Not Paying The Rent. check to learn more.

Indiana Eviction Notice Forms | Process and Laws

The Indiana eviction notice forms are used to commence evictions proceedings in the State of Indiana. If a tenant has failed to pay rent when it is due under the terms of the lease, the landlord must provide written notice to the tenant. check to learn more.

The Eviction Process in Indiana: Rules for Landlords and Property Managers

If a landlord does not have cause to evict a tenant, then the landlord must wait until the end of the term of the lease or rental agreement before expecting the tenant to move. If the tenant is month-to-month, the landlord will need to provide the tenant with notice. check to learn more.

Residential Rental Application

This is a form that's going to make it more streamlined for tenants who want to apply to rent from you.  How it works is a tenant fills out the application for rental, pays a fee, and then you follow the legal requirements to either approve or disapprove them. check to learn more.

General Information About Eviction

First, do not panic if the landlord says you must leave by a certain day. You do not have to leave until there is an order from the court saying you must leave. Landlords can’t evict tenants without first going to court and getting an order. check to learn more.