Eviction: What to Do on Your Court Date


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Eviction: What to Do on Your Court Date

This video shows you what to expect when you go to court for an eviction. It also tells you about the rights you have to an interpreter, a trial by jury, or to transfer your case from district to housing court.

Free Legal Aid provides useful information about eviction. In addition to the video here, be sure you check out other resources.

Massachusetts Eviction

A Massachusetts landlord can only evict a tenant upon expiration of the lease term, for violation of a specific provision in the rental agreement or for nonpayment of rent. All landlords must follow the proper Massachusetts eviction process to expel a tenant. check to learn more.

Residential Rental Application

This is a form that's going to make it more streamlined for tenants who want to apply to rent from you.  How it works is a tenant fills out the application for rental, pays a fee, and then you follow the legal requirements to either approve or disapprove them. check to learn more.

Massachusetts Eviction Notice Forms | Process and Laws

The Massachusetts eviction notice forms are used by a landlord to let a tenant know that the lease is terminating and that they have to move out. It is very important that the landlord provide requisite notice before commencing an action in court to have the tenant evicted. check to learn more.

Greater Boston Legal Services

Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) provides free civil (non-criminal) legal assistance to low-income people in Boston and thirty-one additional cities and towns. The help we offer ranges from legal advice to full case representation, depending on client need. check to learn more.

The Eviction Process in Massachusetts: Rules for Landlords and Property Managers

A landlord in Massachusetts can evict a tenant for a variety of reasons, but the landlord must follow specific rules and procedures; otherwise, the eviction may not be valid. This article will explain the rules and procedures a landlord must follow when evicting a tenant in Massachusetts. check to learn more.