The Most Common Injuries to Tourists in Las Vegas

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Article by Farhan Naqvi


Guests come from near and far each year to experience the wonders that Las Vegas has to offer. From the dazzling lights of the Strip, to the popular shows presented downtown, to even the barren yet mysterious scenery of the Nevada desert, this remote oasis is full of draws for most thrill seekers.


While countless visitors enjoy the fun and escape from the daily grind that Las Vegas provides, many fall victim to the inherent dangers, returning home with injuries, finding one of the few things that will follow you home from Vegas. If you’re headed to Las Vegas anytime soon, be careful so as not to mar your trip with one of these commonly occurring injuries:


Slip and Fall Injuries


Take several thousand typical middle-aged sedentary people; sleep deprive them, pump them full of alcohol and the late buffet, then create a maze of flashing lights, long hallways, standing in line, and you have a perfect environment for a slip and fall.


Bruises, scrapes, concussions, broken hips, and even death await potential victims of a slip and fall. It is hardly something to be taken lightly. And if you escape serious injury, nothing feels better than relaxing in the pool and hot tub. But then this is just another great place to slip and fall; and this time your head might not hit soft carpet it would hit tile or concrete. 


It's not that Las Vegas is any more dangerous than your backyard pool or a walk to your mailbox, it is just the combination of all the factors above make slip and fall a common injury.


Injuries in Car Accidents


Because of its proximity to large population centers in the southwestern United States, many choose to make quick visits to Las Vegas by driving in their own car. And with so many out of town vehicles, tourists unfamiliar with the area create many dangerous situations. Many tourists who insist on driving their car from place to place, open themselves up to greater odds of an automobile accident. 


Additionally, because many tourists seem to think that Las Vegas is able to suspend natural law, they disregard the fact that driving while intoxicated is not only illegal but still very dangerous. This, of course makes it even more difficult to drive in Vegas, even when you are sober.


Assault and Battery Injuries


Las Vegas receives over 40 million tourists each year, and because of this, some people see it as a way to make easy money by taking advantage of the guests. With all of the money being spent at the casinos and on the Strip, criminals, both local and imports, see an opportunity. Larceny, burglary, and even assault and battery are more common than anyone who works in Vegas care to admit.


Assault and battery is an ugly crime and one that local police and Casinos work hard to protect guests from. But your best protection is to use common sense. Walk along only well lit, walkways. Never walk alone. Don't walk after hours. Avoid conflicts with strangers. Basically pretend you are in Downtown New York City and you should be fine.


Be Safe When Traveling to Las Vegas


For those traveling to Las Vegas, it’s important to remember to enjoy your vacation to its fullest. But in order to ensure you enjoy your stay, be safe and take the necessary precautions to avoid these injuries.