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question ...probate Other
legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
article Avoid a Lawsuit When Making a Job Offer: 3 Pitfalls to Watch For Employment Law, Business and Commercial Law, Commercial Law
article Three Bad Reasons to Not File for Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Law
article Tennesee OKs Tougher DUI Laws -- Will PA or NJ be Next? DUI and Criminal
article How Often Can a Person File Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Law, personal bankruptcy
article Four Important Aspects of Filing for Social Security Disability General Legal Resources
article Optimizing Tax Savings Through Charitable Giving Tax Law, Probate, Trusts & Estates
question I have a question regarding small claims. I have a signed notary with my ex boyfriend for an amount of money he owes me. On the notary, it states the balance and how much he is to pay on certain dates. Last Friday was the first installment to be made ... Other
question question on fileing an appeal. ... Business and Commercial Law
question What does the term "final separation" mean? ... Divorce and Family Law
question Can i file double damage for security deposit in Pa it been 3 months and still haven't recieved or a letter ... Landlord Tenant Law
question pa law on a check written over 15 years ago statue of limitations ... Other
question can I include my filing fees when filing a small claim? What other fees can be included Business and Commercial Law
question I was struck by an 18 wheeler on my bicycle. He tried to pass me and came back into my lane and struck me with his trailer. I suffered brain injury which requires me to have a piece of skull removed to release pressure and clotting. I also suffered a ... other accident, DUI and Criminal, Personal Injury
question My father had to forceably remove my sister from his home after she physically abused him and was a danger to herself. he was issued a warrant for her removal and a protection order hearing. My sister was removed and 302'd to friends Hospital. S ... Property Law & Real Estate, Landlord Tenant Law, Divorce and Family Law
question In Jan, 2012 I wanted a puppy, so I sent the owner two hundred dollars. She wanted five hundred as a downpayment. Then I realized I could not afford the puppy... sent her an e-mail stating she could keep part of the two hundred and send me the rest. ... Business and Commercial Law
question I am a teacher in Phila. and I just received a termination letter. My union seems to be doing very little. I have an ongoing complaint filed with the HRC/EEOC for discrimination over the past 2 years for a medical disability caused by an accident. ... Employment Law
question my husband and i own our own company, the business is in my name only what rights does he have to the business if we divorced ... Divorce and Family Law
question I signed a prenup two days before my wedding. No disclosure of our assets and I had no way to obtain a lawyer since I lived in another state. Document was signed by one witness and was never notarized. Is this valid? ... Other, Divorce and Family Law
question How to get a retail theft removed from your criminal record ... DUI and Criminal, Other, Employment Law
article Lemon Law Pennsylvania Other
legal_resource Western Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau Other
article Lemon Law Philadelphia Other
legal_resource Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, Lemon Law Protection Other
legal_resource Philadelphia Courts, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania Personal Injury
article Auto Accident Philadelphia Attorney auto accident
legal_resource The Philadelphia Bar Association, Lawyer Referral and Information Service General Legal Resources
article Bankruptcy Attorney Philadelphia personal bankruptcy
legal_resource United States Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania personal bankruptcy


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