Business Trust

Business Trust


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This is an example of a Business Trust which is a legal organization that is set up for the control and administration of property and assets.

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____________ and ______________, referred to as TRUSTEES, herewith establish and declare the following trust:


Trustees declare that all property, income, and profit now held or acquired after the effective date of this agreement shall be controlled by them for the benefit of such person as may from time to time be owners of certificates of shares having beneficial interests in this trust estate, in a way which is set forth in this instrument and any amendments to this instrument.


The property that will be subject to the terms of this agreement consists of the following:






It is hereby declared this trust shall be a Business Trust and not be known otherwise.




The adopted business name of the trust shall be ___________ _____, and in this name they make and execute contracts and all types and kinds of instruments, conduct business, acquire and convey real and personal property, and sue and be sued.


The principal office of the trust shall be at ______________________________ unless and until it is changed by the trustees.


The trustees may establish branch offices or places of business they determine to be in the best interest of the trust.




The trust shall have the authority to accept up to ________________ dollars in capital contributions and the Trustees may sell or exchange shares for such sums or consideration, and on such terms as they deem appropriate for the trust.


The shares shall be personal property and shall entitle owners of such shares to participate in all dividends and other distributions of income or principal in the proportion of the number of shares they hold to the number of shares issued and outstanding.


Any trustee may acquire, hold or dispose of shares in the trust in the same way if he or she were not a trustee and without affecting in any way their power or status.


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