Free Legal Form Dallas Texas - Order for Capias

Free Legal Form Dallas Texas - Order for Capias


Area of Law: 

Motion for Contempt filed herein by Movant which complains of Respondent

Whereupon Respondent’s name was duly called three times at the Court room door, to which call Respondent has failed to respond. Based upon Respondent’s failure to appear as ordered: IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that a Capias shall forthwith issue to any Sheriff or other proper Peace Officer within the State of Texas, and said officer is hereby ordered to: ARREST THE PERSON OF RESPONDENT, and bring the Respondent to the DALLAS COUNTY JAIL, to await the availability of the Court, and detain in the custody of the Sheriff until Respondent shall be duly discharged by the Court; or if Respondent is found and arrested outside of Dallas County and the Respondent may be brought to the DALLAS COUNTY JAIL and so detained until the Respondent may be duly discharged by the Court.

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