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question I hired a contractor to build me a 16x20 deck, a fence and some skirting for my mobile home. After 3 months I got a crappy looking deck and some posts put in the ground. We had to finish the fence. I had also paid him to put in a new shower floor, a ... Contracts Law, Construction Law
question My lease ended on January 31st by mutual agreement with the Landlord and we left the unit in good conditions (he rented it again on February 1st). The Landlord did not file any claim against us for damages to the property but he has not refunde ... Landlord Tenant Law
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question I submitted my questions, my story and like my life I guess it got lost ... Personal Injury, Divorce and Family Law, Civil Rights Law, Other
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question Is it possible to receive free legal representation for a lawsuit that is being filed against me? This is a matter of a credit card company seeking to recover monies I owe them. ... collection
question my security deposit of $2000.00.was retained by my landlord, they were no damages to apt.but normal wear and tear,as we had rented for 3years. ... Landlord Tenant Law
question i lent a friend 1,000 she will not pay me back. what can i do? ... Civil Rights Law
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question My father passed away over a month ago in Orange County, FL, intestate. I would like to open probate, but do not know which form to file. Please advise. Thank you. ... Other
question I live in Hillsborough, I'm due monies from a small business owner that lives in VA. Work I performed was in Hillsborough, FL. Can I file small claims in Hillsborough for monies still due? ... Other
question I need help finding the paperwork for divorce with a child. I need custody ... Divorce and Family Law, divorce, family custody
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question Can back child support be taken from an inheritance ? I am owed thousands and my ex stands to inherit money. Can I go after it? ... Probate, Trusts & Estates, Divorce and Family Law
question My husbands attorney sent me papers asking for me to send her a lot of paperwork. pay stubs, tax info, etc. I do not have a lawyer. Do I have to send her this information? If I dont will I be in legal trouble? I'm not even sure what she's a ... Divorce and Family Law
question We've been divorced since december 2009. We divided up the personal property and i remained in the house, but he has not moved out a lot of his furniture and items in the garage. How much longer must I store his items before I can dispose of t ... Landlord Tenant Law, Divorce and Family Law