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question My license were suspended back in 2005 due to an accident. The lawyer that had them suspended is retired and have no idea how to handle this. I take care of my 88 year old dad and I need to drive him to different places, so I need my license badly. W ... Other, Government
question my son was forcefully taken from me 3 weeks ago by my ex we have been separated for 8 years and have filed for divorce. i have legal custody of my son and receive child support for him. my ex has never had no kind relationship with my son since his b ... Divorce and Family Law
question will not allowing my child's father to take him for the summer affect my open case on him not paying child support? ... family custody, Divorce and Family Law
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question can I get custody of my grandchildren? I have supported them since birth, what do I need? ... Divorce and Family Law, family custody
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question How can I go about geting a court apountind lawyer I am liveing in a group home and on a fixed income I want to take my mom back to court and refille for costudy of my self she took gaurdianship of me when I was just 16 yrs old and had no idea that i ... Divorce and Family Law
question can i draw up my own power of attorney and have it noterized when its signed? ... Other
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