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question Summons for non-payment of a credit card debt Other
question Small Court Case Jurisdiction Landlord Tenant Law, Other
question Can I sue a business in New Jersey small claims court for non payment of a $7,500. invoice? ... Other
question how many years does a creditor have to collect on a debt ... Other
question I was arrested several years ago for insurance fraud, convicted and promised a class E felony. When all was said and done they gave me aClass D felony. How does this affect me versus a Class E? ... Other
question what are childrens rights to propety of there mother (such as land) if there is no will? ... Other
question how can I get my mortgage reduced? I struggle but never have been late with any payments. I owe more than the house is worth. ... Other
question I got a ticket for not leaving the wings on the dove my grandsons and I hunted in Arizona this Sept. The fine is $3103. Do i have any leagal standing fo rbeing ignorant of the law? ... Other
question What is the location/room for filing a small claim? Can I down load the applicable forms from online? ... Other
question As a beneficiary do I get a copy of a will ... Other
question how do i collect my security deposit ... Other
question I won a small claims case 2 years ago and haven't been paid a penny.I've been told I need to fill out forms 134 and 107, where do I find these? ... Other
question A person is suing the company I work for and he quit from last week for creating a hostile work environment and gave them my name aa witness that may or may not have heard somethings that were said. I do not want to get involved. Do they have to have ... Other
question My father passed away over a month ago in Orange County, FL, intestate. I would like to open probate, but do not know which form to file. Please advise. Thank you. ... Other
question I live in Hillsborough, I'm due monies from a small business owner that lives in VA. Work I performed was in Hillsborough, FL. Can I file small claims in Hillsborough for monies still due? ... Other
question I purchased a vehicle prior to getting married. The loan and title are in my name only. Is it considered a marital asset now? ... Other
question how do I file a small claims case in westchester county against arespondent in Newton, Mass? ... Other
question what if your parents passaway and you are stillmarried but separatedfrom husband and you iheriaty money can he claim any? ... Other
question pa law on a check written over 15 years ago statue of limitations ... Other
question I have an unpaid IOU signed for $9000.00I am in Seattle WA and want to know can I file 2 small claims cases to get all money covered? ... Other
question if under duress i sign a agreement to pay 125/mo until 7500 is paid. is that an enforcable contract. duress beiing the person would not leave my home unless i signed the agreement. ... Other
question how to write a will. ... Other
question Someone I know is pregnant and wants me to adopt the baby in Georgia. What paperwork has to be completed to allow me to bring the baby home from the hospital and then to carry out the adoption? ... Other
question I am looking for a power of attorney form for my 22 year old mentally challenged son. What form would you suggest? ... Other
question I have been served a summons from a lawyer for a credit card debt. I know I have to answer the summons but not sure how. Can you tell me what the statue of limitations is on this matter? Thank you. ... Other
question May I file a claim against someone who lives in another state? ... Other
question Texas Marriage / Medical Debt Other
question I have a car that was given to me as a gift by my Ex partner. He NEVER asked for money he has paid for it and I have had it with me in my possession the entire time. We do not nor did we ever live together during our 10 year relationship. Even after ... Other
question "I just came from from my maternity leave and is breastfeeding. I need to pump at work and have no where to do it in private. My boss made me do it in the breakroom where i felt very uncomfortable. Can i sue? ... Employment Law, Other
question I have been divorced for 23 years...never remarried and want to change by last name back to my maiden name. How do I go about this? ... Other