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question ok i have 2 questions..my dad passed away . im now the estate of him. he rented a apartment and owes them money ..they want me to prove he dont have anything which he really didnt he didnt even have life insurance..also there going to take me to cour ... Other
question Overdose on prescription medication due to incorrect dosage on label. ... Other, other accident, Personal Injury
question I was wondering how do you get a power of attorney deed overturned. My mother and her siblings are trying to get my grandfathers assets out of my uncles name who somehow got him to sign a power of attorney document makin ... Other, White collar crime, DUI and Criminal, Divorce and Family Law
question have never had an account with first national. keep getting harrasing phone calls about a loan that I never took out. Do i have a case? ... Other, Banking Law, Business and Commercial Law
question How can we go about getting guardianship or custody of our nephew? We have had him since he was 5wks old and he's almost nine now. ... Other, Divorce and Family Law
question How binding is a handwritten will signed and dated in the state of Texas? ... Other
question If a storage locker location sales your property and all of your personal records were stored in it, does the personal papers containing your social security numbers, id's and stuff be made available to get back? ... Landlord Tenant Law, Civil Rights Law, Business and Commercial Law, Government, Other
question How do i collect on a judgement? ... Other
question I have a prnup that allows me 10% of my husbands last tax return I signed this prenup 13yrs ago at a young age without any understanding of what I signed by a lawyer my husband paid and he did not review prenup with me and I signed it. 13yrs later I ... Other
question Violation of Order of Protection? Other
question The child support agency is taking twice the amount there supposed to how can I stop them ... Other, Government, Divorce and Family Law
question I am 74 years and need a court order for a delayed birth certificate for the of Idaho There seems to be record of my birth ion Idahom therefore I can't get an id card, a license dirve, vote. ... Other, Government
question can i draw up my own power of attorney and have it noterized when its signed? ... Other
question I need a copy of my kids report cards, but the school is withholding because of financial obligations. I just need copies, not official transcripts. ... Other, Business and Commercial Law
question Does Oregon have a termination law for an irrevocable trust? ... Other, Probate, Trusts & Estates
question Mistaken Identities Other
question I spoke with an attorney over the phone and exchanged a few e-mails. Now she has sent me a bill for $450.00. I was never informed that we had entered into an official client/attorney relationship. Do I have to pay this? ... Other
question Should the corporate secretary sign a consent in lieu of an annual meeting? For a CA corp? For a DE corp? ... Other, Corporate, Business and Commercial Law
question What kind of damages can one request in small claims court Tarrant County? ... Other
question Broken restraining order Other, Government, Divorce and Family Law
question If a social security check is received after a person dies & the check is for the previous month, is that check good & can it be cashed by a surviving relative to help cover deceased's bills? ... Other, Government, Divorce and Family Law
question I have the form for an independent contractor agreement from your site, but there is a copyright clause for no re-production or distribution. So is it okay for me to use or not? ... Other, Business and Commercial Law
question Can I build a fence on an easement of necessity to protect my property? ... Other, Business and Commercial Law
question My son broke his wrist at school Friday and I did not get a call from a teacher or school to let me know what happen. What can I do or do I have a case against the school? ... Other, Government, Personal Injury
question who is in control with 3 executors in a living trust in California? What % does each executor get paid from the living trust? ... Other, Divorce and Family Law
question I am retired and with insufficient resources to protect my rights afforded me by the common interest devlopment of whch I am a memeber. The HOA has violated numerous sections of the civil code and in most cases this is costly to me as an owner. Since ... Other, Civil Rights Law
question How to transfer mobile home title of deceased mom, she never sent off title but have title with her signature & notier singature/seal. Have all recipts of bill of sale. No will, I'm closes next of kin, mom said do with it how ever you want. ... Other, Divorce and Family Law
question former owner sold us this much land ,but when we got to his nlawyer they gave us the whole deed with no meantion of the amount once said ,what do we own ... Other, Contracts Law, Business and Commercial Law
question someone is harrassing me ... Other, Assault Battery, assault and battery, Personal Injury
question i traded my car for another car and we both signed the titles over but now he is asking for his vehicle back because according to him its no good but i clearly stated the cons of the vehicle and he test drove it can he get his car back or is it legal ... Other, Contracts Law, Business and Commercial Law