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question what do I choose as area of law? I'm suing for reimbursement for faulty laminated flooring installation. ... Other, General Legal Resources, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
article Underage Drinking and Driving Laws and Adult DUI Recommendations DUI and Criminal, DUI (DWI)
article The Power of a Free Legal Consultation: Why You Should Never Pay for a First Meeting Other, General Legal Resources
question where do i go to get a free divorce in Chicago IL? there is no children involved. ... Divorce and Family Law
question My 16yr old son got his 18yr old girlfriend pregnant. If they marry will he become emancipated thereby making their relationship legal? ... Divorce and Family Law
question Help please my landlord locked me out with no evection papers, I have lost so much of my items, I want to sue to either get them back or be compenstated. They claim we abandoned the house. We made arrangements to pay them on the 15th and on the 17t ... Landlord Tenant Law, eviction and unlawful detainer, wrongful eviction
question My brother doed 10/2/2008. I requested a death certificate but was told there was no record found. How do I get one? ... Probate, Trusts & Estates
question can filing bankruptcy stop a forcloser when you have 60 days to move ... Other
question what is a small estate affidavit? ... Other, Probate, Trusts & Estates
question What is the best legal way(courts) to proceed when a tenant will not leave after their lease has expired and I have served them with a notarized 5 day notice (I just want them out) Landlord Tenant Law
question Hello, I have a question regarding revocable trusts (living trust?). Do they need to be filed with any governmental agency to be valid or just notarized? Thanks. ... Other
question How do i apply for legal seperation? ... Divorce and Family Law
question My son has mold in his apartment. The landlord will not fix it. It has been about 60 days. ... uninhabitability
article Retirement Planning: Tips for Planning Your Will and Estate Probate, Trusts & Estates
question Violation of Order of Protection? Other
question My son broke his wrist at school Friday and I did not get a call from a teacher or school to let me know what happen. What can I do or do I have a case against the school? ... Other, Government, Personal Injury
article Lemon Law Illinois Other
legal_resource Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois Other
article Lemon Law Chicago Other
legal_resource Illinois Attorney General, Lemon Law Other
legal_resource Circuit Court of Cook County, Pro Se Resources Personal Injury
article Auto Accident Chicago Attorney auto accident
legal_resource The Chicago Bar Association, Lawyer Referral Service General Legal Resources
article Bankruptcy Attorney Chicago personal bankruptcy
legal_resource United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Illinois personal bankruptcy
article Filing for Bankruptcy in Illinois personal bankruptcy
article Service of Process Requirements in Illinois General Legal Resources
legal_resource Chicago, Illinois Bennu Legal Services Other
legal_resource Evelyn Marsh, Esq. Other


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