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legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
question I have a small business I am trying to open up. I need to know what paperwork I need to fill out to register my business for limited liability. ... Business and Commercial Law
question can i be held liable for debts that appear on my husbands credit report, but not mine. We are in the divorce process. ... Divorce and Family Law
question if i buy a house while separated does that property become both of ours in the divorce ... Divorce and Family Law
question I'm trying to get a divorce and I don't have the money to pay for it. How can I get gelp ... Divorce and Family Law
question I was wondering if there is anyway my husband could get a green card and be able to stay here in the country Well applying . We have a son together and if he left I would have No one to support us! Please get back to me as soon as possible Thank you ... Immigration
question Does the father have to pay half of daycare if the parents share custody in Indiana? ... Divorce and Family Law
question If my husband and I got married in Alabama and been living in Indiana can a divorce be filed in Indiana even though we never filed marriage license in Indiana? ... Divorce and Family Law
question what is the new law in, in. on child support mean for me my child will be 20 years old aug.1st ... Divorce and Family Law
question Can my employer pay me two months salary in advance of a garnashee to give me time to file a bankruptsy? ... Bankruptcy Law, Employment Law
question had someone post on craigslist a harrassment about me and my wife,claiming that ia m a child molester, wanted in florida for said crimes,we mistreat our help.etc. I am not a sex offender nor there is no one with my name as a sex offender in florida. ... Other, Business and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, other accident, Personal Injury
question ...MS Divorce and Family Law
question I am looking for information about apartment guidelines and trying to find information about what rights I have. Landlord Tenant Law, Personal Injury
article Lemon Law Indianapolis Other
legal_resource Indiana Attorney General: Lemon Law Other
legal_resource Indiana Judicial Branch, Self-Service Legal Center Personal Injury
article Injury Attorney Indianapolis Personal Injury
article Auto Accident Indianapolis Attorney Personal Injury
legal_resource Indianapolis Bar Assocation, Lawyer Referral Service General Legal Resources
article Bankruptcy Attorney Indianapolis personal bankruptcy
legal_resource United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Indiana personal bankruptcy
article Tylenol Recall in Indiana Personal Injury
article Toxic Torts in Indiana Personal Injury
article Mesothelioma in Indiana Personal Injury
article Expungement of Criminal Records in Indiana DUI and Criminal
article Immigration and citizenship laws in Indiana Immigration
article Indiana Wrongful Termination Employment Law
article Indiana Sexual Harassment Employment Law
article Racial Discrimination Labor Law in Indiana Employment Law, Racial discrimination
article How To File A Small Claim In Marion County, Indiana General Legal Resources


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